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Specialists in Pelvic & Women's Health 

Vie Physio is Kildare's first specialist pelvic and women's health physiotherapy clinic.


At Vie Physio we are committed to providing you with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere

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Our Services

Industry-Leading Healthcare from Vie Physio

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Women's Health

At Vie Physio we are one of Ireland's leading pelvic floor and women's health specialists.

Pregnant Woman

Mummy Check

The Mummy Check is a must for all mums, both at prenatal and postnatal stages.


Sexual Function

Are you experiencing painful sex (dyspareunia)? We can provide effective Vulvodynia Treatment.

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Bowel Clinic

We provide specialised assessment and treatment for bowel dysfunction which puts you back in control.

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Men's Health

At Vie Physio we also provide treatment for male pelvic floor conditions including pelvic pain, prostatitis and urinary incontinence.

Pilates with Ball

Specialist Pilates

We provide safe, effective pilates to our clients that cater for a wide range of medical conditions and fitness levels.

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