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Essential Postnatal Assessment

The Mummy Check is a must for all mums. It allows you to understand your post pregnancy body to a greater level and to reach your health and wellness goals in a safe and supported way. The assessment includes:

1. Pelvis and Spine

We assess alignment of the pelvis and spine and the involved muscles to ensure optimal posture and support thus reducing the risk of pain and injury in the postnatal period.

2. Pelvic Floor

We assess the pelvic floor muscles to check for pregnancy related changes including prolapse, muscle weakness and changes to sensation. Our specialist physiotherapists use ultrasound biofeedback to show you how your pelvic floor works and to help you to optimise your exercises.

3. Abdominal Muscles

We check for the presence of Diastis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) or separation of abdominals and assess the core muscles. We use ultrasound to identify how your abdominals are recovering postnatally.

Following the assessment an individualised plan is provided to help you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

The Mummy Check is a detailed 1 hour one hour consultation.

Your baby is more than welcome!

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