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All mum's deserve the 'mummy check'

In the months leading up to the birth of your baby, the emphasis is on mum. During my pregnancies, people were always asking how I was. It was a time that I felt very 'looked after', minded and cared for. Antenatal check ups, antenatal classes, attentive husband, friends and work colleagues keeping an empathetic eye on me! But if your experience was anything like mine, once the baby is born, the focus (understandably) changes. My own attention was certainly on my new tiny baby, on feeding, cuddling, rocking, singing, counting and changing nappies. My sleep-deprived husband was also juggling work, home and caring for our older child. The doctor's and public health nurse appointments were now for the baby. So I can honestly say, as I am sure you can to... that no one (myself included) was really thinking about 'mum'. But this is not the case everywhere. In France, all women are entitled to postnatal physiotherapy as standard care and this should be the case her too. As I say to all of the mums I treat, for mum to take care of everyone else, she first needs to take care of herself.

'Despite the fact that 1 in 3 mums experience urinary incontinence, 1 in 3 mums experience painful sex, 1 in 5 mum's experience difficulty controlling their bowels and up to 50% of mums have prolapse, not many mums are asked about these problems. This means that these women are not getting the help and treatment they deserve'

The Mummy Check has been developed for all mums from 6 weeks postnatal and is suitable for C Section mums as well as those who have had vaginal births. And if it is 6 or 60 years since you have had your babies, you are still postnatal so your body deserves a Mummy Check. If you have back pain, pelvic pain, bladder or bowel problems or painful sex- these conditions while extremely common, are not normal and pelvic physiotherapy can resolve them.

'The Mummy Check identifies your main areas of concern and allows us to provide a tailored plan to restore and rehab your body.'

The Mummy Check takes up to 1 hour. It covers posture and alignment, abs, core and pelvic floor. We also use ultrasound to show you how your pelvic floor muscles are working, as this is a part of our body that we can sometimes find difficult to be aware of.

Mummy Check €125

The Essential Postnatal Assessment

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